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A good day!

Posted on: September 19, 2010

Well, today I had to go to my language academy like every Saturday, I live in Peru, so I speak Spanish too, and the things I buy are in Spanish. In the afternoon, after my classes I met a friend to go to a cosplay contest,we like this kind of things, and we had the most enjoyable afternoon. Then in the evening I went with my mother (who loves pastries) to a nearby patisserie and bought an apple pie. I also bought all-bran cereal in the supermarket, I’ve never tasted it so I decided to buy it to eat tomorrow. I comment what I ate.

BREAKFAST: banana papaya and beet juiceskimmed milk with corn flakes

SNACK MORNING: cereal bar (Costa) of cinnamon and apple

yummy! It was delicious!

I ate lunch very early as normal, around 12:30 pm, when my classes finished..

I ate my entree and my dessert.

LUNCH: rice chicken cordon bleu with white saucesalad (broccoli, green beans, onion, tomato, beet, lettuce)

This was my dish of cafe, I chose it.

Next I ate my dessert that was fruit salad.

FRUIT SALAD: papayastrawberriesmelon

I went to the store and bought a new taste of chewing gum, Trident, I tasted cinnamon flavor.

My new cereal, All-bran… Well It’s my first time so I’m waiting to make a different breakfast for tomorrow.

I love this type of cereal because have fiber, and I need so much this for my health. That’s good!

In the afternoon I ate my snack..

SNACK: vanilla yogurt (yummy) with wheat bran.

Oh! And this is the apple pie we bought in the road. It looks very provocative! =)

hehe ..It isn’t complete! Oh no! Who will be the person who stole this piece?

provocativee… yumm!

It was a really tired afternoon! And now my dinner’s waiting me. I uploaded a new pic on CC! (CalorieCount) I have a profile in there..

Oh yeah! mi dinner is here.! =)

DINNER: Chicken breast boiled potatoes

Then I made a salad..

SALAD: lettucetomato – broccoli – carrot

some olive oil in salad..

Tomorrow I will upload my eats, so for now I say goodbye again and have a nice Sunday!


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