Ain's Raisins

OMG today I discovered the great love I feel for the granola .. is too crunchy, sweet and delicious, I love granola .. Today I prepared a snack of yogurt with granola, delicious …

yogurt with granola


granola lover

AT night I have a chicken wrap with a fork in it.. look that.!

tomato and lettuce salad


My experience with granola.


I have a quinceañera soon, and I’m preparing to be ready. All this week I’ve been on exams until next week, then come the vacations. Right! Also is soon to Halloween, I like to make a pumpkin pie for the occasion. My mother prepared a delicious chicken in soy sauce with Chinese vegetables mixed I accompanied with Arabic bread. Here my dinner:

green plate

really sweet soy sauce

Now I am going to study, have a good weekend ..


Well, today was the first day of exams, not bad by the way, I had literature and verbal reasoning exam and for tomorrow will be chemistry exam. OMG! dificult test. But I can! =)

orange juice with milk with corn flakes.

SNACK MORNING: an apple and a tangerine


Rice – lentils cooked – grilled chicken

salad: lettuce – corn – carrot – tomato – broccoli – green bean – snap sugar peas – avocado

Today was the day of the pet, unfortunately I have no pets but I love a lot animals, and in my city made a canine celebration in a very large park, where attended many dogs of all breeds and sizes, all together,=) .there was a catwalk for dogs, dog vaccinations and free cleaning, pet food stand and a small number of adoptions, the funny thing was the marriage of a couple of dogs, was very emotional (smiles), there was also a canine route, where many participants trained dogs, showed their habilities. It was a great morning.

My breakfast today was quick and I could take few pictures, like the canine celebration, because my camera was with the battery to the limit.

papaya and beet juice..

milk with corn flakes

My breakfast… ready, set, eat!

Here are some pictures of the canine celebration

Snow White looking for their food ..

OMG the bride!

so romantic! (Smiles)

a cake for dogs::!

This dog was very skillful.

I came home after seeing the dogs. And I enjoyed a delicious Peruvian ceviche, made by my mother .. look at this beauty!

fish marinated in lemon sauce – boiled corn purple sweet potatolettuce.. the famous ceviche is here..! =)

LUNCH: ceviche (aperitive) sole grilled in tomato-onion stew – with rice… =)

I like to refresh and quench my thirst, with clight! It’s a drink 0 calories .. and I take all I want .. =).. Meet it!

pineapple clight!


In the afternoon, while I was studying for my exam, I saw that it was time for tasting snacks, and as I was bored I wanted to do something different, I grabbed the jelly then I mixed with my yogurth.

pieces of jelly in my yogurt.

Then I added some corn flakes cereal.

For dinner:

roasted sweet potato, grilled chicken..

I added a boiled corn that my father bought in the night.

some green salad, with coca cola light..


This Monday start the exams… OMG! I have to study hard to have a happy vacations.. I have returned of my saturday’s classes and in my recess I ate a cereal bar of Costa’s brand, peruvian brand. It’s a peach cereal bar with cinamon. It was so delicious!!! =)

cereal bar, cereal of pocket.

really sweet.! ❤

very small

When I returned to home, My mom cooked a delicious brochettes for me.. Homemade brochette. Oh It was so ingenious the idea, long time that I didn’t eat this delicious food. I took some pictures with not much quality, sorry for that.

LUNCH: boiled potaoes, chicken brochette (marinated chicken, onion, red pepper)

different colors sticks

salad: lettuce – carrot cucumber – tomato

In the afternoon, my snack was a blackberry yogurt with wheat bran. In the morning I left my pineapple jelly in the freezer, so I decided to take a pot of this as a dessert. Very refreshing indeed!

pineapple jelly

For dinner, my mother had prepared a kind marinated chicken sautéed and then I added an Arabic bread as a wrap. Very tasty chicken sauteed with onions, and boiled potatoes .. really good!

stir fry chicken with onion boiled potatoes – arabic bread

veggie salad: lettuce – carrot tomato – cucumber


Today I had art in my school and I was thinking about what I’m going to study in college, I think I will be designer, publicity design can be, but I also like nutrition (smiles) I would rather be a designer I think..
In my breakfast I drank a fresh orange juice, my bowl of corn flakes cereal with milk and headed to school, for recess I ate there a juicy apple and a soft tangerine.
When I got home, I waited my meal that was a delicious mackerel in tomato and onion sauce with white rice and a salad of mixed greens.
In the afternoon I was taking my blackberry yogurt with wheat bran.

At dinner, I wanted to make a homemade chicken wrap, so I took some pictures for you to see =)!!..

salad: tomatolettuce – carrot

homemade wrap (chicken – lettuce tomatoarabic bread) – grilled chicken with mustard

mustard.. (sorry for the quality)

a glass of iced tea! =)


I couldn’t post the journal yesterday, because I had to rehearse all afternoon, after school and didn’t have time to take a photo, I completely forgot. I was rehearsing about three hours, finished very tired yesterday. Today was my dance performance and theater, as I already said, I participated as cow, it was fun. =)

I woke up with all the nerves, so I don’t take very good breakfast, and I spent the whole morning without eating anything the show at my school .. all classes had to submit a number for each genre such as drama, dance, singing, etc.. And my group danced the song Lucifer (SHINee) with a mix of Clap (Teen Top) both Korean groups, chosen by fans in my class. I liked the genre of music but I am not fan..

After school I was released very late, and I came home for lunch, Well, now I have a digital camera, so I can post with more definition.

Breakfast: milk with cereal (corn flakes)

LUNCH: mackerel in provenzal sauce with salad

salad ( corn – lettuce – green beans  – beet – carrot – broccoli) with lemon dressing.

best definition!

mackerel in provenzal sauce (carrot with tomato sauce) with white rice.

Wow I’m too tired, everyone in my school asked for holiday tomorrow, all we said FREE DAY! FREE DAY! but the deputy didn’t accept and said the classes remain the same. Snack in the afternoon I ate a tangerine and a light peach juice.

DINNER: yogurt – salad – stir fry chicken in pita bread.

blueberry yogurt flavor.

salad: lettuce – carrot – corn

stir-fry chicken with arabic bread… (yummy)

I’m watchin “My life as Liz” in MTV, really interesting, so for now, I say goodbye!


Well, this day was funny and cold. We’re starting the spring in my country tomorrow, but It’s so cold, very strange.. Wow I’m watching a competition series called Hell’s Kitchen, It’s very entertaining =)…


milk with corn flakes

papaya – beet – banana juice

Today my mom prepared a Peruvian dish, arroz con pollo, and potatoes to huancaina, an appetizer with an entree as in Peru, as it should be. =). Well it’s true that Peruvian food is characterized by many carbs have, but I try to eat small portions,but  not deprive me food.

arroz con pollo

papa a la huancaina ( potatoes in yellow pepper sauce)

This is one of my favorite dishes. What is your favorite typical dish, or homemade dish?


The day dawned cold, strangely, I had to get up and have breakfast early to go to school, and went so fast I forgot to take pictures, only took one. Now it comes the final exams within a week, I can not believe how time flew. Within three months it will be Christmas. The good thing is that after the exams I have a week of vacations, but I would like to not move as fast.

BREAKFAST: papaya juice, milk with corn flakes.

SNACK: a mandarine an apple

Classes and more classes, each second felt like minutes and every minute like hours .. It was a long day .. but I met with friends, which made me happy. I’ll have a play at my school, and I chose to be a cow in the field as a character, in short, do nothing. I’ll have to concentrate too much on my character *smile*.. Then I went home hungry ready to eat …

Pan Fried mackerel fish heart rice

with my peach juice

salad: lettuce, avocado, tomato with lime dressing

SNACK: Vanilla Yogurt with wheat bran.

DINNER: zucchini stew with chickensteam corn salad

chicken with zucchini ❤

salad: carrot tomato – lettuce

Omg! this thurday is my dance  performance.. I’m rehearsing in afternoon, so I can’t post every meal.. Well I hope this happens quickly, I’m very stressed. And in a week start tests. For now, I say goodbye.

Well today was a really long Sunday for me, I wasn’t at home on all day. First I got up, then I took my pill, 1 hour later I took my breakfast, I was hungry in that moment but I have to wait 30 minutes after I take my pills, But I was too hungry.. =( .. something strange..
But, well I have pics from my breakfast, so I uploaded.. As ever, first my special juice then my milk with cereals, I think I have to change that, I’m bored to eat the same..  So in my school’s vacations I’m going to invent new forms of eating breakfast.. =)

my special papaya juice ❤

green cup with milk

bowl with cereal – (corn flakes with all-bran)

cereal and milk met..

delicious morning..

Then I went to a restaurant near the International Flower Fair 2010 in Lima, So I was looking for a near restaurant, And we (my parents and me) found a really good place named China Wok, (Oh yeah! Chinese food) but I didn’t choose a chinese dish, instead chose an omelet, which has nothing of Chinese. It was the first time that I went at this place so I think the food was good!

Oh this is my number…

LUNCH: cheese and mushroom omelett salad with dressing (avocadocarrot lettuce – tomato)

OMG! Cheese!!

I spent the afternoon at the Flower Fair, was very nice, unfortunately I took a few pictures and don’t look very good, but it was very entertaining. Then I went to the supermarket to buy more food to prepare, and bought pancake mix flour,I’ll make one of those days. I also bought yogurts with different flavors, and a fruity yogurt  of Laive brand, was really delicious.

flavor: banana with strawberry and peach

small pieces of peaches

At night, my father took us to dinner at Pizza Hut, but we decided to bring the dinner, I ordered a Hawaiian salad and wine with honey mustard dressing (delicious!). Then and at home, I add Arabic bread, and wrapped … I didn’t wrap it well, but was exquisite.

salad: pineapple chunks, ham, parmesan cheese, chicken, lettuce and mushroom

arabic bread wrap

I ended up really tired from the long weekend, but I have to get up early to go to school tomorrow, well see you again, goodbye for now.


May 2022