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Long Sunday .. =)

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Well today was a really long Sunday for me, I wasn’t at home on all day. First I got up, then I took my pill, 1 hour later I took my breakfast, I was hungry in that moment but I have to wait 30 minutes after I take my pills, But I was too hungry.. =( .. something strange..
But, well I have pics from my breakfast, so I uploaded.. As ever, first my special juice then my milk with cereals, I think I have to change that, I’m bored to eat the same..  So in my school’s vacations I’m going to invent new forms of eating breakfast.. =)

my special papaya juice ❤

green cup with milk

bowl with cereal – (corn flakes with all-bran)

cereal and milk met..

delicious morning..

Then I went to a restaurant near the International Flower Fair 2010 in Lima, So I was looking for a near restaurant, And we (my parents and me) found a really good place named China Wok, (Oh yeah! Chinese food) but I didn’t choose a chinese dish, instead chose an omelet, which has nothing of Chinese. It was the first time that I went at this place so I think the food was good!

Oh this is my number…

LUNCH: cheese and mushroom omelett salad with dressing (avocadocarrot lettuce – tomato)

OMG! Cheese!!

I spent the afternoon at the Flower Fair, was very nice, unfortunately I took a few pictures and don’t look very good, but it was very entertaining. Then I went to the supermarket to buy more food to prepare, and bought pancake mix flour,I’ll make one of those days. I also bought yogurts with different flavors, and a fruity yogurt  of Laive brand, was really delicious.

flavor: banana with strawberry and peach

small pieces of peaches

At night, my father took us to dinner at Pizza Hut, but we decided to bring the dinner, I ordered a Hawaiian salad and wine with honey mustard dressing (delicious!). Then and at home, I add Arabic bread, and wrapped … I didn’t wrap it well, but was exquisite.

salad: pineapple chunks, ham, parmesan cheese, chicken, lettuce and mushroom

arabic bread wrap

I ended up really tired from the long weekend, but I have to get up early to go to school tomorrow, well see you again, goodbye for now.


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