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day of pet!

Posted on: September 26, 2010

Today was the day of the pet, unfortunately I have no pets but I love a lot animals, and in my city made a canine celebration in a very large park, where attended many dogs of all breeds and sizes, all together,=) .there was a catwalk for dogs, dog vaccinations and free cleaning, pet food stand and a small number of adoptions, the funny thing was the marriage of a couple of dogs, was very emotional (smiles), there was also a canine route, where many participants trained dogs, showed their habilities. It was a great morning.

My breakfast today was quick and I could take few pictures, like the canine celebration, because my camera was with the battery to the limit.

papaya and beet juice..

milk with corn flakes

My breakfast… ready, set, eat!

Here are some pictures of the canine celebration

Snow White looking for their food ..

OMG the bride!

so romantic! (Smiles)

a cake for dogs::!

This dog was very skillful.

I came home after seeing the dogs. And I enjoyed a delicious Peruvian ceviche, made by my mother .. look at this beauty!

fish marinated in lemon sauce – boiled corn purple sweet potatolettuce.. the famous ceviche is here..! =)

LUNCH: ceviche (aperitive) sole grilled in tomato-onion stew – with rice… =)

I like to refresh and quench my thirst, with clight! It’s a drink 0 calories .. and I take all I want .. =).. Meet it!

pineapple clight!


In the afternoon, while I was studying for my exam, I saw that it was time for tasting snacks, and as I was bored I wanted to do something different, I grabbed the jelly then I mixed with my yogurth.

pieces of jelly in my yogurt.

Then I added some corn flakes cereal.

For dinner:

roasted sweet potato, grilled chicken..

I added a boiled corn that my father bought in the night.

some green salad, with coca cola light..


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