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My performance dance.. =)

Posted on: September 23, 2010

I couldn’t post the journal yesterday, because I had to rehearse all afternoon, after school and didn’t have time to take a photo, I completely forgot. I was rehearsing about three hours, finished very tired yesterday. Today was my dance performance and theater, as I already said, I participated as cow, it was fun. =)

I woke up with all the nerves, so I don’t take very good breakfast, and I spent the whole morning without eating anything the show at my school .. all classes had to submit a number for each genre such as drama, dance, singing, etc.. And my group danced the song Lucifer (SHINee) with a mix of Clap (Teen Top) both Korean groups, chosen by fans in my class. I liked the genre of music but I am not fan..

After school I was released very late, and I came home for lunch, Well, now I have a digital camera, so I can post with more definition.

Breakfast: milk with cereal (corn flakes)

LUNCH: mackerel in provenzal sauce with salad

salad ( corn – lettuce – green beans  – beet – carrot – broccoli) with lemon dressing.

best definition!

mackerel in provenzal sauce (carrot with tomato sauce) with white rice.

Wow I’m too tired, everyone in my school asked for holiday tomorrow, all we said FREE DAY! FREE DAY! but the deputy didn’t accept and said the classes remain the same. Snack in the afternoon I ate a tangerine and a light peach juice.

DINNER: yogurt – salad – stir fry chicken in pita bread.

blueberry yogurt flavor.

salad: lettuce – carrot – corn

stir-fry chicken with arabic bread… (yummy)

I’m watchin “My life as Liz” in MTV, really interesting, so for now, I say goodbye!


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