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Well, this day was funny and cold. We’re starting the spring in my country tomorrow, but It’s so cold, very strange.. Wow I’m watching a competition series called Hell’s Kitchen, It’s very entertaining =)…


milk with corn flakes

papaya – beet – banana juice

Today my mom prepared a Peruvian dish, arroz con pollo, and potatoes to huancaina, an appetizer with an entree as in Peru, as it should be. =). Well it’s true that Peruvian food is characterized by many carbs have, but I try to eat small portions,but  not deprive me food.

arroz con pollo

papa a la huancaina ( potatoes in yellow pepper sauce)

This is one of my favorite dishes. What is your favorite typical dish, or homemade dish?



The day dawned cold, strangely, I had to get up and have breakfast early to go to school, and went so fast I forgot to take pictures, only took one. Now it comes the final exams within a week, I can not believe how time flew. Within three months it will be Christmas. The good thing is that after the exams I have a week of vacations, but I would like to not move as fast.

BREAKFAST: papaya juice, milk with corn flakes.

SNACK: a mandarine an apple

Classes and more classes, each second felt like minutes and every minute like hours .. It was a long day .. but I met with friends, which made me happy. I’ll have a play at my school, and I chose to be a cow in the field as a character, in short, do nothing. I’ll have to concentrate too much on my character *smile*.. Then I went home hungry ready to eat …

Pan Fried mackerel fish heart rice

with my peach juice

salad: lettuce, avocado, tomato with lime dressing

SNACK: Vanilla Yogurt with wheat bran.

DINNER: zucchini stew with chickensteam corn salad

chicken with zucchini ❤

salad: carrot tomato – lettuce

Omg! this thurday is my dance  performance.. I’m rehearsing in afternoon, so I can’t post every meal.. Well I hope this happens quickly, I’m very stressed. And in a week start tests. For now, I say goodbye.

Well today was a really long Sunday for me, I wasn’t at home on all day. First I got up, then I took my pill, 1 hour later I took my breakfast, I was hungry in that moment but I have to wait 30 minutes after I take my pills, But I was too hungry.. =( .. something strange..
But, well I have pics from my breakfast, so I uploaded.. As ever, first my special juice then my milk with cereals, I think I have to change that, I’m bored to eat the same..  So in my school’s vacations I’m going to invent new forms of eating breakfast.. =)

my special papaya juice ❤

green cup with milk

bowl with cereal – (corn flakes with all-bran)

cereal and milk met..

delicious morning..

Then I went to a restaurant near the International Flower Fair 2010 in Lima, So I was looking for a near restaurant, And we (my parents and me) found a really good place named China Wok, (Oh yeah! Chinese food) but I didn’t choose a chinese dish, instead chose an omelet, which has nothing of Chinese. It was the first time that I went at this place so I think the food was good!

Oh this is my number…

LUNCH: cheese and mushroom omelett salad with dressing (avocadocarrot lettuce – tomato)

OMG! Cheese!!

I spent the afternoon at the Flower Fair, was very nice, unfortunately I took a few pictures and don’t look very good, but it was very entertaining. Then I went to the supermarket to buy more food to prepare, and bought pancake mix flour,I’ll make one of those days. I also bought yogurts with different flavors, and a fruity yogurt  of Laive brand, was really delicious.

flavor: banana with strawberry and peach

small pieces of peaches

At night, my father took us to dinner at Pizza Hut, but we decided to bring the dinner, I ordered a Hawaiian salad and wine with honey mustard dressing (delicious!). Then and at home, I add Arabic bread, and wrapped … I didn’t wrap it well, but was exquisite.

salad: pineapple chunks, ham, parmesan cheese, chicken, lettuce and mushroom

arabic bread wrap

I ended up really tired from the long weekend, but I have to get up early to go to school tomorrow, well see you again, goodbye for now.


Well, today I had to go to my language academy like every Saturday, I live in Peru, so I speak Spanish too, and the things I buy are in Spanish. In the afternoon, after my classes I met a friend to go to a cosplay contest,we like this kind of things, and we had the most enjoyable afternoon. Then in the evening I went with my mother (who loves pastries) to a nearby patisserie and bought an apple pie. I also bought all-bran cereal in the supermarket, I’ve never tasted it so I decided to buy it to eat tomorrow. I comment what I ate.

BREAKFAST: banana papaya and beet juiceskimmed milk with corn flakes

SNACK MORNING: cereal bar (Costa) of cinnamon and apple

yummy! It was delicious!

I ate lunch very early as normal, around 12:30 pm, when my classes finished..

I ate my entree and my dessert.

LUNCH: rice chicken cordon bleu with white saucesalad (broccoli, green beans, onion, tomato, beet, lettuce)

This was my dish of cafe, I chose it.

Next I ate my dessert that was fruit salad.

FRUIT SALAD: papayastrawberriesmelon

I went to the store and bought a new taste of chewing gum, Trident, I tasted cinnamon flavor.

My new cereal, All-bran… Well It’s my first time so I’m waiting to make a different breakfast for tomorrow.

I love this type of cereal because have fiber, and I need so much this for my health. That’s good!

In the afternoon I ate my snack..

SNACK: vanilla yogurt (yummy) with wheat bran.

Oh! And this is the apple pie we bought in the road. It looks very provocative! =)

hehe ..It isn’t complete! Oh no! Who will be the person who stole this piece?

provocativee… yumm!

It was a really tired afternoon! And now my dinner’s waiting me. I uploaded a new pic on CC! (CalorieCount) I have a profile in there..

Oh yeah! mi dinner is here.! =)

DINNER: Chicken breast boiled potatoes

Then I made a salad..

SALAD: lettucetomato – broccoli – carrot

some olive oil in salad..

Tomorrow I will upload my eats, so for now I say goodbye again and have a nice Sunday!


Well, today I wanted to take some pictures, but my camera is wrong, And I’ve taken some pics with my cellphone camera, but don’t have good resolution.. So I hope to have a new camera soon to upload photos of my new foods and recipes..
Moving on, I comment what I ate for breakfast, as I get up early to go to school, do something simple but in my spare time I like to prepare something new, innovative and delicious of course! ..

BREAKFAST: orange juice with weath bran & Skimmed milk with corn flakes

SNACK: an apple

LUNCH: white rice, chuck steak grilled, mashed white beans, vegetable salad (tomato, carrot, beet, lettuce, broccoli, green bean) with olive oil and lemon dressing

SNACK: vanilla yogurt with corn flakes

DINNER: scrambled egg, steamed yucca root, salad (green bean, broccoli, tomato, lettuce)

I hope take photos of my other food for tomorrow .. For now I say goodbye, I’m rehearsing a dance for a presentation in my school from a Korean group, SHINee – Lucifer .. ❤

See you, have a nice day, leave a comment..


Hi everybody! Today’s my first post where I’ll be writing my food journal. Well, My story is short.. more than anything my problems begin when I entered into ED.
One year ago,  I was starting to gain weight,that I didn’t mind.. But when I saw my best friends who had lost weight and they were thinner than me, suddenly hit me .. Some family members and friends said me “Oh, you look more fat” (with fondly).. And I felt so sad that I was trying to lose weight, first with a nutricionist help, But I wanted to lose weight quickly.. I was into internet searching when I met with these stupids pages “pro-ana” ..And I entered into this dark world where I was hypnotized and I converted in anorexic.. It was really hard and sad, I separated from my parents in this time and we were always discussing.. I also stayed away from my friends for a long time.. But Now, I’m better than before, I’m a new person and teenager… I’m shy, but always wanting to meet people =3…
I am in a correct BMI, I lost so much weight in 3 months (during my ED) but I’m recovering..
I only want to tell to other guys who are having this feeling of a perfect imagen that think twice before take decisions because the life is one, and we only living once.. So have a good life and a healthy one.

*AiN *

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