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We started the week ..

Posted on: September 20, 2010

The day dawned cold, strangely, I had to get up and have breakfast early to go to school, and went so fast I forgot to take pictures, only took one. Now it comes the final exams within a week, I can not believe how time flew. Within three months it will be Christmas. The good thing is that after the exams I have a week of vacations, but I would like to not move as fast.

BREAKFAST: papaya juice, milk with corn flakes.

SNACK: a mandarine an apple

Classes and more classes, each second felt like minutes and every minute like hours .. It was a long day .. but I met with friends, which made me happy. I’ll have a play at my school, and I chose to be a cow in the field as a character, in short, do nothing. I’ll have to concentrate too much on my character *smile*.. Then I went home hungry ready to eat …

Pan Fried mackerel fish heart rice

with my peach juice

salad: lettuce, avocado, tomato with lime dressing

SNACK: Vanilla Yogurt with wheat bran.

DINNER: zucchini stew with chickensteam corn salad

chicken with zucchini ❤

salad: carrot tomato – lettuce

Omg! this thurday is my dance  performance.. I’m rehearsing in afternoon, so I can’t post every meal.. Well I hope this happens quickly, I’m very stressed. And in a week start tests. For now, I say goodbye.

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