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Posted on: September 16, 2010

Hi everybody! Today’s my first post where I’ll be writing my food journal. Well, My story is short.. more than anything my problems begin when I entered into ED.
One year ago,  I was starting to gain weight,that I didn’t mind.. But when I saw my best friends who had lost weight and they were thinner than me, suddenly hit me .. Some family members and friends said me “Oh, you look more fat” (with fondly).. And I felt so sad that I was trying to lose weight, first with a nutricionist help, But I wanted to lose weight quickly.. I was into internet searching when I met with these stupids pages “pro-ana” ..And I entered into this dark world where I was hypnotized and I converted in anorexic.. It was really hard and sad, I separated from my parents in this time and we were always discussing.. I also stayed away from my friends for a long time.. But Now, I’m better than before, I’m a new person and teenager… I’m shy, but always wanting to meet people =3…
I am in a correct BMI, I lost so much weight in 3 months (during my ED) but I’m recovering..
I only want to tell to other guys who are having this feeling of a perfect imagen that think twice before take decisions because the life is one, and we only living once.. So have a good life and a healthy one.

*AiN *

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